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Recommended readings for the Florida centennial: a standard guide to the best books on Florida with
Bibliography and index of graduate theses and dissertations on Florida geology through 1991 includin
bibliography of schinus, melaleuca, and casuarina exotic genera in south Florida
List of publications
Home economics books and other source materials: a guide to teachers, librarians and school administ
Chronological bibliography of principal published ground-water reports in Florida... ( FGS: Leaflet
the social aspects of retirement
Survey of the Literature Relating to Sport and Commercial Fishes of South Florida
Materials in the Florida state adopted textbooks: and in selected supplementary books pertaining to
A Bibliography of South Florida Wading Birds
Bibliography of South Florida Botany
Bibliography of U.S. Geological Survey Reports on the Water Resources of Florida, 1886-1995
Publications of the Bureau of Marine Research, Marine Research Laboratories
Miami bibliography
A bibliography of the hydrology of the Everglades and the Big Cypress Swamp, Florida
Dissertations and theses on geology completed at Florida universities ( FGS: Open file report 2 )
geology of florida
Recreational-boating Disturbances of Natural Communities and Wildlife
Notes on the Floridian peninsula
Marine environmental studies of Florida's Gulf Coast: summary and selected bibliography
Readers guide to William Z. Fosters History of the Communist Party of the United States
Notes on the life and works of Bernard Romans