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Birds and mammals from the Pleistocene of Williston, Florida
Fossil testudinine turtles of Florida, genera Geochelone and Floridemys
A gamma-ray profile investigation of the Upper Pleistocene Miami limestone of south Florida ( FGS: Open file report 42 )
Human remains and associated fossils from the pleistocene of Florida
Late Pleistocene lizards from Barbuda, British West Indies
The mammal fauna of Schulze Cave, Edwards County, Texas
Notes on the upper Tertiary and Pleistocene mollusks of peninsular Florida ( FGS: Bulletin 18 )
The Pleistocene Felidae of Florida
Pleistocene shore lines in Florida and Georgia: a report and accompanying map prepared in connection with investigatioons of the land pebble phosphate deposits of southern Florida
Plio-Pleistocene stratigraphy and paleontology of southern Florida ( FGS: Special publication 36 )
The squamate reptiles of the Inglis IA fauna (Irvingtonian Citrus County, Florida)