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Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico menhadens, genus Brevoortia (Pisces Clupeidae)
Catalogue of fossil birds : part 3 ( Ralliformes, Ichthyornithiformes, Charadriiformes )
Checklists of selected shallow-water marine invertebrates of Florida
Florida land use, cover and forms classification system
Ichneumoninae of Florida and neighboring states: (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, subfamily Ichneumoniae)
Notes on nomenclature of Citrus and some related genera: in three parts : alphabetical by scientific name, by common name, and common cultivars
The sand flies (Culicoides) of Florida: (Diptera : Ceratopogonidae)
Some Mexican land snails of the genera Coelostemma and Metastoma (Urocoptidae)
Synopsis and catalog of the Thysanoptera of North America: with a translation of Karny's Keys to the genera of Thysanoptera and a bibliography of recent publications