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"His Catch" Estero, Fla
"The Estero" on the river
[Bubbett Family Photos]
[Ruth Boomer and Wilton Hoyt]
Emma Norton, Henry and Etta Silverfriend
Evelyn Bubbett and Bertie Boomer
Evelyn Bubbett, Etta Silverfriend, and Imogene Bubbett Rahn on board a Koreshan boat
Four People Under Spanish Moss Tree
Group of Koreshan women
Imogene Bubbett Rahn
Imogene Bubbett Rahn riding gopher tortoise
James Calderwood, David Richards, and James Bubbett posing
Koreshan Dining Hall
Koreshan school children
Laurence (Laurie) Bubbett
Laurie and Imogene Bubbett
Sanitorium and allied buildings along the Estero River
Sanitorium on Estero River with the boat called "The Star"
Teed's tombstone
Woman on the beach