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Eric Eustace Williams materials in the Digital Library of the Caribbean

Title: Eric Eustace Williams materials in the Digital Library of the Caribbean: .
Name(s): Works by and about Dr. Williams, author

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Abstract/Description: The Eric Eustace Williams materials in the Digital Library of the Caribbean include a bibliography and a growing body of works by and about Dr. Williams, the first Prime Minister of the Trinidad and Tobago and often called the "Father of the Nation." Dr. Williams' importance as an historic figure in the Caribbean, indeed in North America and within the British Commonwealth, however, is as much as a philosopher as a politician. The works collected here should provide the researcher with the raw materials to study how he married his academic and political pursuits and how the character of the man fostered independence throughout the Caribbean. The works listed and collected here include Dr. William's many monographs and essays, together with his political speeches and other published works. Also included here is a characterization of Dr. Williams' political life as reported by the Trinidad Guardian.
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