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Digital Archiving Resources

Title: Digital Archiving Resources.
Type of Resource: mixed material
Summary: Digital Archiving Resources is an educational tool dedicated to making archive resources easily and conveniently accessible to the users of the Internet. The purpose of Digital Archiving Resources is to gather items relating to digital archives in the humanities as part of an effort to provide access to the materials and awareness of the emerging field. By researching and ordering the items chosen to be included, we aim to guide the study of digital archives, as well as offer some possibilities for how it can be represented. In this way, our aim is to create social knowledge about digital archives; our mission is to provide access to categorized items important to the study of digital archives; and our vision is to continue adding to our collection over the years as the field grows and changes.
Identifier: 7906 (IID)
Note(s): Hosting Institution: UCF
Host Institution: FLVC