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Florida Geological Survey (FGS)

Title: Florida Geological Survey (FGS): .
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Abstract/Description: As part of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Geological Survey (FGS) collects, interprets, disseminates, stores, and maintains geologic data. Its activities contribute to the responsible use and understanding of Florida's natural resources, to the conservation of Florida's oil and gas resources, and to minimizing environmental impacts from exploration and production activities. As part of its information dissemination activities, it publishes the following series: Annual Reports record the results of geologic investigations and include administrative information of the FGS, including budget, staff, lists, and facilities. Biennial Reports record the administrative workings of the FGS including descriptions of the budget, programs and personnel. Bulletins are comprehensive reports on geologic or related studies. They generally cover a broad subject area and/or geographic location. Information circulars are reports of a preliminary or interim nature, or update reports on continuing investigations. Leaflets are short publications related to areas of general, educational, public interest. Map series contain geologic and other related data presented in graphic formats including maps, cross sections, and graphs, and generally include accompanying text.
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