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Water control vs. sea water intrustion ( FGS: Leaflet 5, 1966 )
A test of flushing procedures to control salt-water intrusion at the W. P. Franklin Dam near Ft. Mye
Salt intrusion can be controlled ( FGS: Leaflet 7 )
Test of Flushing Procedures to Control Salt-Water Intrusion at the W. P. Franklin Dam near Ft. Myers
Saline-water intrusion from deep artesian sources in the McGregor Isles area of Lee County, Florida
a dc resistivity investigation of the shallow aquifer east of naples, florida
Potential for Saltwater Intrusion into the Upper Floridan Aquifer, Hernando and Manatee Counties, Fl
investigation of the saltwater-freshwater interface in a complex hydrogeologic environment coastal a
integrated study of the fresh-water/salt-water interface on a barrier island
Salinity studies in East Glades agricultural area, Southeastern Dade County, Florida ( FGS: Report o
chemical character of water in the upper part of the floridan aquifer, near tarpon springs, florida
Saline-water Intrusion Related to Well Construction in Lee County, Florida
electromagnetic signature of the salt-water/fresh-water transition zone, west-central florida
Resistivity study of the lower Withlacoochee River-Cross-Florida Barge Canal Complex
Water-Resources Investigations, Collier County, Florida
application of emi conductivity methods and numerical filtering to mapping of the saltwater interfac
Oligohaline Areas in Tampa Bay Tributaries
Physical Processes, Salinity Characteristics, and Potential Salinity Changes due to Freshwater Withd
Salinity Studies in East Glades Agricultural Area, Southeastern Dade County, Florida
numerical simulation of sea-water intrusion, cutler ridge, florida
numerical simulation of saltwater intrusion, biscayne aquifer, cutler ridge, florida: comparison of